Redhead Xart Charlie gets a full body exercise session

Redhead Xart Charlie gets a full body exercise session

It’s again another day to stay fit and active for this redhead hot bombshell Xart Charlie. She has always been conscious about her figure so she goes to the gym 3 times a week and sometimes even 4.

Tuesday morning and the weather was quite bad so she decided to stay in and work out at home. Her boyfriend was also at home at that time. Knowing he was around, she knew how things were going to end up. However, she still tried to do her thing while her boyfriend was looking at her, horny. He even stuck out his long hard dick out for her to see.

A few minutes later he came close to her and grabbed her toned big ass from behind as he continued to distract her from her routine. Naughty Charlie couldn’t contain her horniness as well so she then flirts back with him, giving him that wild and seductive look. She grabbed his hard cock and gave him a blowjob while sitting on the Yoga Ball. 

Having a strong physique, he stood up and carried her as he inserted his hard dick inside her wet pussy and she started pumping with her back slightly bent as he sucked her nipples. After that, they continued fucking sitting on that Yoga Ball. She was moaning loudly as he continues to fuck her tight wet pussy. They changed their sex position into reverse-cowboy and she continued to bounce on his dick while he was playing her clit. That made her cum a couple of times. He didn’t want to miss on that sweet pussy of hers so he ended up licking her pussy enjoying the juices.

They just can’t get enough of this rough sex so he made her sit on that Yoga Ball with her legs on top of his broad shoulders and continued to fuck her dripping wet pussy. For the hot steamy video and extra high quality pictures visit

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