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Lucky Ricky gets to fuck her this time. She would even pose for you while she performs and gives you a dirty seductive dance while she looks at you straight in your eyes. Who would not want that? With how revealing she dresses up most of the time. The choices of the lingerie she wears, and as to how she carries herself. How she wears her boots and high heels while she walks as if she was on the runway. A complete head-turner. No wonder men drool! What a lucky B.

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Large breasted office slut Alexis Fawx and her fuckbuddy Oliver Davis are finally alone in the office after an exhausting day in the office. They are gossiping about their boss and coworkers who work from home and have it easy. The benefit of most people staying home is they have the office to themselves for most of the day and all night so they have become fuck buddies and use the free office space to fuck as much as possible.

Alexis and her large breasts which she always makes sure are showing in her super-tight shirts and large cleavage to make Oliver horny 24/7. Today they decided to use the bosses desk and Alexis first plays with her wet pussy and gets her boss’s chair all wet then bends over naked over his table and later climbs on top of it as Oliver fucks her first from behind then she climbs on top of him making a big mess in the office as she rides him like a wild girl.

Hopefully, they can both cum before the nighttime cleaning lady comes over to clean up the mess she is already used to as Alexis and Oliver do this several times per day in the almost empty office.

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