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Japanese girl Mai Shimizu gives a blowjob outdoors

Shy girl Mai Shimizu is having her pussy inspected and gives and awkward blowjob in this sexy photo set from

Japanese porn is always a bit weird but that difference from western porn is what makes it so hot. There is always a shy girl that seems to not want to get involved in it but at the end she is moaning and squeaking in pleasure.

Here is another taste of the hot weirdness as Mai Shimizu looks like a shy girl where he friend is walking her home at night and then he starts to touch her pussy under that little black school girl uniform skirt. He seems to be interested into her pussy and how it looks and is inspecting it while the sky Mai is reluctantly allowing him this and bending over for him to fully see it and inspect it.

As she is standing there in the dark with her white panties down to her knees he whips out his already hard penis and then it is her turn to inspect it and taste it as she seems as interested in his cock as he was in her pussy and asshole. She licks the tip of his penis as to taste it and strokes it slowly at watches his reaction to her action.

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