Naughty student Monicka Jaymes in class

Monicka Jaymes is not a good student so she will do anything do fix her grades. Also her teacher is young and hot which makes this not only necessary to fix her grades but she also wants to try his cock and to see his hot body naked.

As Monicka has not been doing well this semester her teacher he invited her to a 1 on 1 meeting and she decided to try it then when nobody was around. Her teacher was also into her and noticed her teasing him in class with flashing her panties or touching his arm when she could.

So both of them had a dirty mind going into this meeting and when Monicka climbed the table and spread her legs showing her black pussy there was no coming back. His cock was hard before she even touched him. Then she go naked and started rubbing her ass on his crotch that made him almost cum in his pants.

As she got on her knees he knew this good off a blowjob was worth the risk of getting fired. He is a young strong man and he can get a new job any time but getting a BJ this good was just out of this world. Monicka worked that tongue and mouth like a pro, like something he never experienced before.

He also only had sex with these white stuck up girls that would play all shy and some even didn’t want to put it in their mouths and were just laying there like a corpse while he did all the work. But Monicka was not like that. She loved sex and was not shy at all. As he was fucking her from behind and her screaming he didn’t care if anybody heard her sex screams.

This was the best sex he ever had and he wanted to marry this girl 😀 As she got on top of him things got wild. She was bouncing on his cock like on a trampoline and he had a very hard time to keep from cumming. After a while he couldn’t any more and Monicka bent over and asked him to cum all over her black ass.

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