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This sexy Mylf would from time to time flirt with him but he has also always been busy training other people in the gym. She did not waste this day this time by keeping a hold on him so she decided to ask him if he could “train” her that day. Without any hesitation, he came over to her place and started with the training. She kind of created a little bit of a drama that she wasn’t feeling well that led him to touch her big tits unintentionally. She gave him a cheeky smile and flashed her big breasts which were too hard for him to resist so he started touching them and sucking her nipples.

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Ever played Pokemon GO? I bet you know about this game too. At some point, a lot of people got so addicted to this game where you get to find your favorite Pokemon characters anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are, whether you are inside the house or outside. But the best spot is outside. All you need is a smartphone, internet and you are ready to hunt.

Giordan is another story though. He did not know about this game until a friend started playing it so he got curious. One day the curious lad started playing it around their community. He walked and walked. Kept hunting for those Poke Go monsters until an unexpected incident happened.

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Summer has just begun. Bang Bros Bridgette and her friend Meli have decided to finally meet each other at their friends Isiah’s place. They haven’t seen each other for quite a while because they all were busy with work. Bridgette picked up Meli as it is just on the way to Isiah’s place. Two girls looking so great and sexy as always with what they were wearing but Bridgette is a bit different. With her big tits showing up and that big ass, anyone would just wanna grab that sexy body.

Arriving at Isiah’s place, Meli started preparing food for the three of them while Bridgette and Isiah were alone in the living room. The cheeky Latina Brigette secretly started to tease Isiah and started flashing her big tits. She knew how much Isiah would’ve wanted to see those and how much he would’ve wanted to fuck her the hardcore way! With eyes wide open, Bridgette did not stop right there and started to get completely nude. 

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