X-Art Alexis gets interrupted cooking lunch then has sex

X-Art Alexis is a gorgeous woman with a great body and here she is cooking lunch for herself and her boyfriend Lutro but as she is standing there just wearing a shirt that keeps ridding up her fine firm ass things are about to happen 😉

The sexy blonde is fully naked under that shirt and as it keeps exposing her ass every time she reaches for something you can see she is not wearing any panties and the view from behind is just too much for her man. As she comes behind her and starts kissing her neck and back she also starts to get horny and quickly forgets all about cooking pasta and is ready to start munching on some hard cock.

Her pussy is fully exposed as he lifts her up on the counter and they start kissing passionately then he carries her to the bed and he pulls out his hard dick and inserts it into her already wet pussy as they keep on fucking.

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