Tiny 4k Kylie gets penetrated by an abnormally thick penis

Tiny 4k Kylie is an aspiring porn star. She is a petite Brunette who has a pretty face. One day she just realized how much she wanted to become a porn star. So she went to this agency called Fcuk Agency. She went there for a walk-in-interview. It was quite a busy day at the agency but lucky enough Mark was there to also entertain her. With her smile and how positive her aura was that day, who would resist?

He checked up on her briefly. She was wearing this lavender see-through lingerie. Later on, she showed Mark how she would play that vibrator on her pussy but then he got turned on and he even assisted her to play that vibrator. Gave Mark a sample on how she would also suck big dicks. Her pussy started getting so wet that she ended up bouncing on his super big dick. She screamed and screamed and moaned a lot.

She has never been fucked with such a big, super hard dick before. After a few orgasms, she once again gave Mark a blowjob until he came on her pretty face and slurped the rest of the cum. A few weeks later she had a phone call informing her that she is hired and can already start a career in the porn industry an what better place to start then shooting a set for Tiny 4k where small teen nudes meet large thick dicks.

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