Tiny Kenzie Reeves savaged by a big dick while camping

A young blonde from Tiny4k Kenzie Reeves went camping with her friends and met some random guy on the third night and ended up fucking him. His name was Logan who happened to be in the same camping area for some video vlogging. 

Naughty Kenzie liked Logan for that and got interested in how he does his vlogs. They chatted for a couple of hours until she started giving him a motive that she wants him. She started posing in front of his camera while she slowly stripped off her clothes revealing her cute little titties with her pinkish roundish nipples. She then ended up sucking Logan’s long hard dick. He was mouth fucking her so deep that it came to a point where her face turned red from being choked with his cock.

She spat on that dick for some more lubrication. He returned the favor by fucking her so hard making her scream from the top of her lungs as she has never been fucked so hard before. She seemed to have been enjoying the hardcore sex so much in an open field with the camera in front of her and even kept on smiling. She seemed to be comfortable with that as if she is a porn star on Tiny4k.com. What an experience! I wouldn’t be surprised if this video ends up on Tiny4k.com. It’s going to be interesting for sure.

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