Rory Knox Fucked by a Doctor in the Sperm Clinic

After she heard great praise from her friends about this doctor clinic here is Rory Knox Fucked by a Doctor in the Sperm Clinic. This special clinic gets women pregnant the old fashioned way. No frozen sperm and expensive insemination techniques.

Rory Knox is ready for a baby and she didn’t have much money so she went to see the sex doctor expert at the clinic to see what he can do for her. Since he was in a hurry he went straight to telling her to get naked and get on all fours and spread her legs. He spent some time checking her pussy with his fingers to see if everything was ok.

Then she got on her beg and was told to put her feet in the air and the nurse helped while the doctor started licking Rory Knox’s pussy to make her wet and ready for his cock that hold that special doctor semen that all the girls want.

The doctor opened his pants and pulled his now hard cock out and started fucking her pierced pussy right there on the examination table while the nurse helped Rory keep her legs spread wide. Then they continued to fuck in several positions just to make this natural insemination a bit more fun.

After a while the doctor could not keep it anymore and Rory Knox felt her inside filled up with warm cum. This session was done but if she needed more the doc said he would be more than happy to serve her again. Check out Rory’s full session on and the other sexy girls that want to get pregnant but don’t want or can’t afford the other expensive and definitely not as fun procedures.

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