Jordan Maxx the maid that cleans and fucks her clients

Jordan Maxx from Brazzers is a part-time housekeeper. She does her job pretty well, no wonder clients can’t get enough of her spotless job. But this blonde attractive woman has her dark secrets too. Well, it’s not really a secret especially when you’ve already heard about her before. 

Kerian Lee is a one-horny lad too who can’t keep his big dick inside his pants especially when he thinks a woman is attractive. Jordan’s first day of work at his house ended up as something else. Instead of cleaning, she ended up seducing Kerian. As flirty as she looked, nobody won’t be able to resist her. She was topless while wiping the kitchen counter so when Kerian passed by, it was like an instant mutual understanding for the both so he just went to her and grabbed her big natural tits. She seemed to be enjoying it so much.

Her pussy started getting wet and his long white hard cock exploded from his pants so she started giving him a massive sloppy deepthroat blowjob. They moved to the couch and he fucked her from behind, she was moaning and screaming while he slapped her big ass. They changed from one position to the other while she kept playing with her pussy making it wetter. She loves to ride cocks so she rode his hard cock too until he was about to cum, he pulled out his dick and shoved it in her mouth, and swallowed his cum.

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