Jessica Starling wants her doctor to cum inside her and get per pregnant

Jessica Starling is a sexy blonde bombshell that was always very sexually active and fucked hundreds of guys in her lifetime. She has a curvy body with bit natural breasts and big nipples.

She loves to fuck random men and enjoys the feel of a cock inside her but as she is getting older she has been thinking about getting pregnant and raising a kid. But all the guys she fucks are usually just dumb jock type guys that are stupid but can fuck long and hard.

She didn’t want her child father to be any of them so she signed up to meet up a Doctor from so he could find a smart guy that achieved something in his life to fuck her bareback and cum inside her pussy while she is ovulating so she has the best chances of getting pregnant.

Check Jessica out as she gets serviced by the horny doc and the nurse that helps out and makes sure everything goes as planned.

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