Gabbie Carter fucks a lucky guy for Casting Couch X

Gabbie Carter is doing a porn shoot for Casting Couch X and she was super excited about it. This Blonde curvy teen loves to have sex and enjoys being naked without any self-consciousness or shyness. She dressed sexy as well in tiny jeans hot pants and a top with a killer cleavage showing off her large breasts and curves.

Gabbie was excited and quick to take off all her clothes as she loves showing off the tattoos and she knows her body makes the guys horny as fuck. Not sure why they pixelated the guy like they do cocks and pussy in Japanese porn but who cares really as Gabbie is in full view and up-close.

He starts expecting her body and touching her all over then opening her pussy lip noticing she is getting wet already but to make sure all goes smoothly wink wink he starts licking her pussy and playing with her clit.

Then it’s her turn to help him out. The guy was actually hard already from just exploring her body and pussy licking but Gabby then started to suck his cock and she really knew what she was doin. It was hard for him to not cum right there in her mouth. I know for sure i would blow my load in her mouth within a minute or two the way she was sucking.

Then with some titty fucking Gabby got on all fours and the guy just went to town pounding her pussy and pulling her hair for a moment she looked scared but she just loved it. It didn’t last long as the guy was already on edge but we can say without a doubt that this casting for Casting Couch X was a success and Gabbie Carter fucks like a pro and you will see her porn career flourish.

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