Nurse Anny Aurora lustrous affair with her chiropractor

Steve Holmes is known to be one of the best chiropractors in town. One day Anny Aurora had a bad back wasn’t feeling that well so she decided to go to Steve’s office which is also just nearby her place. 

He examined and tried to feel her back and figured what was wrong with her back. He managed to crack her back slowly and smoothly and asked her if she was feeling any better. She was impressed because with just one crack she felt relieved. 

Something was running in his head though. It’s how Anny looked and how gorgeous she was and how perfect her body was. He tried to control his dick from getting hard as much as he could. A few minutes later, Anny was feeling so much better as if nothing happened. I wonder where to find such good chiropractic.

Anny noticed how he was looking at her so she then thought of flirting with him. Started with her removing her robe revealing her only wearing sexy red lingerie that turned him on instantly. Then she tried wearing her shirt but then he couldn’t contain his horniness anymore so without any hesitation he then carried her on top of the counter, sat on his face, and started licking her sweet wet shaved pussy.

She also gave him a blowjob he would never forget. And when he’s had enough of that massive blowjob, he started fucking her hard in different positions. Fucking her from behind revealed much more of her big ass and he seemed to have enjoyed that so much until he was about to cum. 

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