Abigail Mac Stunning Reality Kings beauty in steamy action

It’s summertime. The season Abigail Mac is waiting for. So are you ready yet to madly enjoy the heat and get some tan?

Robby Echo and Abigail Mac from Reality kings, a newly engaged couple went to Spain for a short vacation and to enjoy summer there. Robby is such a hunk! He has a perfect fit body with six packs anyone would die for. Abigail is also one bombshell whose body is very fit with a curvy waist, big-toned ass, and big tits. Since they just got engaged, they wanted to explore more about their sex life to keep the heat going. They went swimming first to get tan.

He wore a white speedo and she was wearing a white low back swimsuit. As soon as she dove in the water, swam for a bit, and then went back to the pool chair ready for tanning, you could see through her swimsuit revealing her nipples and how gorgeous her big booty was.

Robby was speechless and was stunned by how she looked. Distracted groom cant wait to just get her inside their room and fuck her bride-to-be’s pussy. Both were wild but managed to somehow keep their cool down to do a little bit of foreplay to keep each other’s excitement going. Until they started to rip off each other’s swimwear and started to go on with their thing. Abigail sucked his big hard cock so deep down to his balls making him moan and quiver as she stared at him like a pornstar.

He mouth fucked her and then later on titty fucked her tits. Her pussy was so wet that she couldn’t wait to be fucked by Robby. Horny Abigail kept on screaming and moaning as he continues to fuck her tight pussy. Sweat from his body flowed slowly down his sexy body to hers.

She kept bouncing on his dick, had few orgasms, and Robby can’t stop fucking her because he wanted her to be satisfied and to have few more orgasms before he cums. He enjoyed fucking her from behind having her sexy bum as his view made him excited and came.

Reality Kings does not need an introduction it has been around for almost 20 years and it has so much content that you will jerk your dick sore for months with all the cock hungry amateurs and porn stars with thousands of videos and hundreds of thousands of photos. Have a look and try it out for just 1$ for 2 days and if your dick starts to hurt just cancel before the 2 days is over and you won’t be charged anything anymore. They wouldn’t be around for so long if they did anything shady.

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