Pikachu gets fucked in sexy Pokemon Go game

Ever played Pokemon GO? I bet you know about this game too. At some point, a lot of people got so addicted to this game where you get to find your favorite Pokemon characters anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are, whether you are inside the house or outside. But the best spot is outside. All you need is a smartphone, internet and you are ready to hunt.

Giordan is another story though. He did not know about this game until a friend started playing it so he got curious. One day the curious lad started playing it around their community. He walked and walked. Kept hunting for those Poke Go monsters until an unexpected incident happened.

He saw a life-sized Pikachu! Shocked with what he saw, Karina, a petite, young woman dressed with a onesie Pikachu flashing her cute little tits in front of Giordan while smiling at him, was speechless. He started talking to her and got along. He asked her if she wanted to join her at his place and grab something to eat. Without hesitation, she joined him. But she was just too naughty. She started playing her pussy in front of him as she was lying on the couch and offered him a blowjob. Giordan started to undress. Pulled out his dick in front of her face and he slapped her using his hard dick on her face and then she started giving him a blowjob. Karina‚Äôs wet tight hairy pussy just can’t wait to fuck Girodan.

She started it with a reverse cowboy position while she was playing with her small tits. You could see how wild and horny she is with the way she was fucking him. Being petite, it wasn’t hard for him to just carry her in every sex position. Karina kept on moaning as he keeps on fucking her tight pussy so hard. As he was about to have an orgasm, he pulled out his dick and shoved it in her tiny mouth while she played with his balls. What a day to go hunting right?

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