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Gorgeous large breasted Caitlin Bell fucks Johnny The Kid

Oops, they did it again! Caitlin and Johnny just can’t get enough of each other. They did it again! MYLF Caitlin Bell can’t contain her horniness just thinking about how good she was fucked by Johnny who is a few years younger than her. They have decided to meet up privately and decided to watch American Pie together.

Her then wet pussy isn’t giving him peace watching that movie. She flashed her perfect natural big ass first and sat next to him. While he was watching, she put her hand on his semi-hard cock and slowly unzipped his pants. She stroked his dick until it was hard and then gave him a deepthroat blowjob. He returned the favor by fingering her until she squirted and quivered. 

She stood up and pulled her sexy shorts down and started riding his cock. Horny Caitlin fucked him as if she was going to break his super hard cock. Luckily, a young lad like Johnny could take a hardcore fuck like that, the reason why she just can’t get enough of that cock.

They ended up fucking on a missionary position and came right on her toned tummy. She scraped some of that cum and shoved it in her mouth. See the whole nasty adventure and tons of other milfs getting it on at Mylf.com

Hot mama Caitlin Bell and Johnny The Kid get freaky

Caitlin is one hot single mama. Her divorce just got granted so she is a free woman now. She is now ready to mingle. You can see her get naughty on Brazzers. Her gardener Johnny heard about the news so he tried to flirt with her sneakily. It wasn’t the first time he has ever tried to flirt with her and she knows it.😍

So one day, horny Caitlin who has missed hardcore sex left one of her sexy shorts outside where it is very visible for Johnny to see. He then took it and went inside the house to let Caitlin know about it and pretend he did not know who it was from. Things happened so fast! The next thing he knows, he was completely butt naked in front of Caitlin. She then lifted her short tight dress flashing her big tits and her shaved hungry sex pussy.

Johnny’s wood started getting harder and harder especially when she started giving him a rim job while she was stroking his long hard cock. She started licking his asshole up to his testicles to his super hard dick. He returned the favor by fucking her so hard in every way and she was screaming and moaning loud. They fucked and fucked until she had few orgasms. Caitlin’s pretty and sweaty face was waiting for that cum shot and tasted a bit of it. I guess this is not going to be the first and the last time these two are going to have fun.

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