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Ariel Rebel blowjob and her Bff Amarna Miller helps sucking

Ariel Rebel blowjob photos from when Amarna Miller and her became closer and closer and they ended up sharing a cock.

Ariel is a fiery brunette teen with a wild spirit and a love for adventure but Amarna was a cute redhead with a more reserved personality, but she had a kind heart and a great sense of humor. Despite their differences, the two women became good friends that shared a lot of their personal life details together.

One day at the gym they met Jack. Jack was charming and handsome, with a winning smile and a sense of humor that was matched only by his hard rock body and the outline of a big cock under his gym shorts . Both Ariel and Amarna Miller were immediately drawn to him and imagined how it would be to see that cock in the wild and how it would feel inside them 😉

At first, their friendship was tested as they both tried to win Jack’s affections. But as they got to know him better, they realized that Jack liked both of them, and he couldn’t choose between them. Ariel and Miller were initially shocked and not sure how to react, but soon they had the idea to suggest a threesome. They already shared all their personals secrets with each other and were comfortable being nude in each other’s company.

To their delight, Jack was open to the idea and they all became a trio. Jack was the perfect addition to their special friendship and they all had an amazing time together, enjoying each other’s company and the girls specially enjoyed his large cock as they licked and sucked it with it all ending in a large cumshot on both their faces.

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