Chubby Lil Candy fucks the cable guy

Lil Candy fucks a lot of guys but she has been on a bit of a long dry streak and she figured since she has the telecom guy coming in to lay down some cables for her new fiber internet she might have some fun. So when the guy arrived with his truck and lift she went our to greet him and flirt a bit.

Candy asked him to show her his lift and as she climbed up on it she flashed her pussy so he could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. And as she looked around and he showed her how everything works she used every chance to spread her legs or climb in front of him so he could have a nice good luck at her ass and pussy.

Then he started to help her putting his hand on her leg when she was climbing up and as she was trying his hat on and spread her legs for a full view he started playing with her pussy. Spreading her lips and putting his finger in he could feel how when she was. He took out his cock right there in front of her house and she sucked his dick until it was hard and they they fucked right there on his lift.

Later on he got on with his work and Lil Candy said she might need some help again and he was more than willing to come help her out with anything she needed. Check out Lil Candy’s private website and see her get into a lot of sexy situation as she can’t keep her libido in check.

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