Kenna James used by a married couple for foster tapes

Lia happened to have been kicked out of her job for not being able to comply with her duties so she ended up borrowing money from all of her friends. An evaluation from her department led her to be fired. Kenna James is here to help.

One day because of stress, she decided to go with her friends for a night out. It’s where she met Johnny and Kenna, a couple who are easygoing and fun to be around. They started getting to know each other more that night till Lia started opening up being broke. The couple stared at each other and whispered to Lia about something she could do to earn money. 

Kenna James is a MILF who is also a bisexual. She sure will lick your pussy so good that you will start to get wet fast. She knows how to handle a woman. Johnny is a horny lad and is always on the go and always ready for a threesome. They offered Lia that, a threesome, discussed a certain amount Lia needed, and thought about it for a night. She ended up meeting the couple and gave them what they wanted for money. 

They led her to what they wanted her to do. She followed what Kenna was doing. The couple started to undress her slowly and then after that fingered her pussy from behind while Kenna was holding her staring at her husband, being aroused by how he was doing her. After that, they started licking Lia’s wet pussy.

Then Lia also tried licking Kenna’s semi-shaved pussy. Not bad for a first-timer, Kenna seemed to have enjoyed it. Following with both women giving Johnny a blowjob then bounced on his long hard cock alternately until he came and gave both women a cum shot.

Throughout the USA, thousands of families are made whole each year. Warm, loving, and wholehearted gifts that some parents and the fosters dream of…What you don’t know is that many of these foster families have lots of secrets behind closed doors…our archive of tapes to prove just that…These videotapes tell the real story of different foster families throughout America. Never before seen footage of the creepiest foster family living you’ll ever see right here on Foster Tapes.

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