Bella Rose fucks step brother for Comic-con money

The sexy blonde is a huge comic book can and Bella Rose fucks anybody who can help her with her passion. She loves to go to Comic Con but she doesn’t have enough money for flight and tickets after she spent it all on her sexy tight costume. So she had an idea. Her step brother just sold his car and since she has been eying his cock for a while already after seeing it accidently while walking into him naked when he was getting out of the shower this seemed like a perfect opportunity to try get some money out of him and also get to experience his big, thick cock.

She put on her tight little outfit with no panties or bra underneath it so her pussy and nipples were perfectly outlined to help her in her quest to seduce her brother and get what she wanted. She called him to come to their parents bedroom and then explained her situation to him and all he could see was he pussy lips under that costume as his bulge grew inside his jeans. He would have given her anything at that moment and Bella decided to reward him by sucking his big cock and fuck him until he cam inside her.

After they were done and all sweaty he told her he will give her the money but only if he can come with her too and she can have fun at comic con as long as they can have some more fun in the hotel room before and after. Bella Rose agreed to this and now knew how to get anything she wanted out of her step brother but what he didn’t know is that she would have fucked him every day for free as she was probably enjoying this more than her. He had a monster in his pants and he didn’t even realize that this made her wet just thinking about it.

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