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Kinky Bryci ties down her sex slave

James is in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Jessica. He even planned on proposing to her soon. They love each other so much that they are ready to build a life together. One mistake changed everything though when Raymond got drunk one day and went home Bryci’s house where he was tied on both hands and fucked her so hard.

Drunk James didn’t know what he was doing and things weren’t that clear to him. All he knew was that there was this hot horny and wild woman with big tits and big ass in front of him trying to seduce him and for him, it was damn hot and pretty entertaining. She unzipped his pants pulling out his long hard dick and sucked it so good.

He was moaning and quivering from how good that blowjob was that he forgot he was in a relationship. They went on and on until she went on top of him and continued fucking him so hard. She had several orgasms from that sex position and also squirted once. As she kept on fucking him so good, she was almost going to cum inside her but managed to pull it out before that happened.

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