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Teen Fidelity Blake Blossom gives a sloppy blowjob

Will Pounder, a father of two who has just been left by his wife a few months ago needs help. He is also busy with his own shipping company. One day he realized that his kids were being neglected since his wife left him so he has decided to hire a nanny to look after his kids. He asked a few friends if they could recommend someone to him. As busy as he is, he took the time to meet potential nannies for his kids. He managed to give time to interview a few for the said job vacancy.

Blake Blossom seemed to have caught his interest in so many ways. This sexy blonde doesn’t live far from where he lives, she got enough experience with taking care of kids. She seemed to be really smart and friendly too. She knows how to cook and clean and do household chores. Will then decided to hire her. Lucky her for landing that job with a good wage and benefits.

During the probation period, things seemed to have been working out so well for everyone. The kids and Will loved her cooking and how she is as a person. Blake is also such a hottie. Big ass, big tits, pretty tall and young. She has caught him looking at her several times so she knew this guy has a thing for her somehow and that got stuck in her head.

One quiet morning, kids were still in school so Blake was alone at home. Will also finished work early so he has decided to just go home and chill. Surprised with what he saw in his bedroom, Blake was there trying to check on Will’s underwear as if she was being so sexually aroused by it, even topless. He then confronted her and asked what she was doing. She confessed how she would fantasize about him every now and then.

Will got turned on by her so he grabbed her by the waist and then started kissing her. Without any objection, she kissed him back. He had an immediate boner. He lied down on the couch by the dresser and asked her to sit on his face and started to lick her wet teen pussy while she slightly bent her back moaning and enjoying how he was licking that pussy. For her, he is such a good pussy eater.

They both stood up as she faces the dresser and he started fucking her there while holding her big tit. The horny teen blonde girl kept on moaning and screaming as her tight pussy got fucked hard and had a couple of orgasms. Pushed her on the bed and did few more sex positions, from reverse-cowboy to missionary to her on top of his cock while she gives him a “tilt a twirl”. He was almost about to cum so he told her to suck his big hard cock, gave him a bit of blowjob until he came in her mouth.  

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