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Bang Bros Porn star Bridgette B does a BBC

Summer has just begun. Bang Bros Bridgette and her friend Meli have decided to finally meet each other at their friends Isiah’s place. They haven’t seen each other for quite a while because they all were busy with work. Bridgette picked up Meli as it is just on the way to Isiah’s place. Two girls looking so great and sexy as always with what they were wearing but Bridgette is a bit different. With her big tits showing up and that big ass, anyone would just wanna grab that sexy body.

Arriving at Isiah’s place, Meli started preparing food for the three of them while Bridgette and Isiah were alone in the living room. The cheeky Latina Brigette secretly started to tease Isiah and started flashing her big tits. She knew how much Isiah would’ve wanted to see those and how much he would’ve wanted to fuck her the hardcore way! With eyes wide open, Bridgette did not stop right there and started to get completely nude. 

Isiah grabbed a blanket covering his long big hard cock and pulled it out of his pants. She started stroking it a bit and then gave him a massive blowjob. As her pussy started getting wet, wild Bridgette pushed Isiah from where he was sitting and sat on that cock. You could see water coming out of her pussy and both started having intense hardcore sex. Right after that position, he slapped her on her big ass and grabbed her tiny waist positioning her for a doggy style, and started to fuck her from behind. The blonde porn star screamed loud as she was feeling his dick inside her so deep that she had a massive orgasm and even squirted. Such a huge turn-on for Isiah.

Bridgette turned around and let Isiah fuck her even more with her legs wide open playing with her clit. Just in time before Meli arrived to call them for their meal Isiah gave Bridgette a cumshot. She grabbed his dick and gave him a bit more of a blowjob and to have that taste of his cum while she is playing his dick with her tongue.

Substitute teacher Kali Roses changes a students life

The substitute teacher, Miss Kali Roses is a young, blonde and attractive woman who had recently graduated from college. She was excited to start her first teaching job and was determined to make a positive impact on her hot male students. On her first day to work she wore a mini skirt and high heels that showed off a bit too much of her tight body to go unnoticed.

As she walked into the classroom, Miss Kali noticed a scowling, sullen student sitting at the back of the room. His name was Jack, and he had a reputation for being a troublemaker. She knew that she had her work cut out for her, but she was up for the challenge. As soon as he saw his new hot blonde teacher he perked up and could feel a bulge forming in his his pants.

Miss Kali started the lesson, explaining the material in a clear and engaging way all the time making sure to give Jack a nice view of her long legs in high heels. She noticed that Jack was paying attention and even asked a few questions. Encouraged by this small victory Kali pressed on, determined to make this a good day for Jack in a special way as she could feel her panties getting wet watching this strong fit kid that played football struggle to hold his composure.

As the lesson went on, Miss Taylor noticed that Jack’s attitude was slowly starting to change from a frowny kid in the back to a smiling and he was almost drooling as he kept his eyes firmly on her legs and ass . He was participating more and seemed to be genuinely interested in the lesson.

After class, Jack approached Kali and thanked her for the lesson. He told her that he had always struggled in school, but that she was the first teacher who had ever made him feel special. Miss Kali was touched by Jack’s words and she saw a big bulge in his pants knew that she had made a real connection with him.

As the days went on she could see Jack peeking into her classroom several times so she told him to report to her after the last period. As she greeted him she locked the doors and closes the blinds and hopped on the desk and started to take off her clothes. First her breasts popped out then she pulled her panties to the side revealing her pussy that has been dripping wet thinking about Jack and his firm teen body and large big cock.

Then she led his hand to her pussy and let him play with it and get her juices all over him. She turned over and he licked her pussy and ass for a while. As she popped his cock out of his pants she was actually shocked to see this young studs huge penis but she just started sucking on it trying to get it all in her mouth.

Then as they started fucking she was losing it as his cock was so big it almost did not fit in her tight snatch. Luckily she has been horny all day after seeing Jack so that it was easier. Jack came rather quickly as he had this boner all morning but this was not the last time they met and had some raunchy sex sessions after class.

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Blondie secretary Kali Roses gets her wet teen pussy fucked

Horny blonde Secretary Kali Roses, a young hot teen with long blonde shiny hair went for an interview. Her dream job is to become an executive secretary but always had a hard time being taken seriously because of her sexy tattooed body. She is curvy and fit with nice perky titties and a toned butt. James’ secretary just left the job so he is looking for a replacement. James is an eligible bachelor with a hot body. He is tall, dark, and handsome. His biceps and his chest are just too perfect. He is young, wild, and also a head-turner.

While at James’ office, he notices Kali’s outfit. She’s wearing a mini skirt and plunging blouse revealing part of her breasts. During the course of the interview, James can’t help but feel aroused and he immediately got a boner. His big dick wants to come out and explode from his tight pants.

He couldn’t concentrate on asking the question until he dropped his pen. He kneeled down to pick up the pen and as he went down he saw Kali’s legs and noticed Kali wasn’t wearing a panty. James saw the pink-ish pussy of Kali. James went crazier that all he wanted to do was to touch and play that tight teen pussy.

Mesmerized James took too long to pick up the pen so the naughty flirty applicant started to play with her pussy and continued to tease the hunk boss. She started playing with her tight pussy until it was dripping wet. James didn’t waste any more time, she grabbed Kali’s hand, put it in his mouth, and licked it. He started kissing Kali’s smooth legs all the way up to licking her wet pussy from behind. Kali started moaning and screaming.

Kali went wild, unzipped James’ pants, and immediately held his long and super hard dick and shoved it in her mouth while slurping it like a lolly. After that, he started fucking her hard on the desk. They did few sex positions. After a good long fuck, James hired the naughty dirty little slut as his secretary so they can have fun every workday.

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